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Mica pigment powder is a sparkling glitter-like fine pigment that can be used for a wide variety of craft activities.

This powder is perfect for epoxy resin art.
Creates that famous “float to the top effect”

All you need is:
- pour your resin into the cup
- put about 10% of the pigment ( compare to amount of resin)
- mix well
- pour gold resin into your artwork
- use heat or tour has gun to heat it
- wait the gold pigment float to the top giving you a desired effect.

THIS PIGMENT POWDER can be also used with:

-Alcohol Ink
-Acrylic paint
-Oil paint

It yields a beautiful 'faux' metallic color that exhibit different shades in changing light conditions to give unique shimmer effects.

I added pictures of my artwork where this pigment was used.

Price for 1 package of 50grams.

Please check 3 different gold pigment also.
Great savings on bundle set!

Happy pouring! 💕

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